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RFL Cargo, a professional and highly efficient human team

RFL Cargo, a professional and highly efficient human team

RFL Cargo, a professional and highly efficient human team

The demand for logistics professionals has increased considerably in recent years due to the growth of e-commerce, economic globalisation and the need for efficiency in the supply chain. This profile is on the rise considering that logistics plays a fundamental role in the economy and is an essential cog in any industrial sector. Likewise, more and more companies are looking for logistics experts to optimise their operations, reduce costs or satisfy customer demands quickly and efficiently.

One of the advantages of a job in logistics is the possibility to work in a variety of sectors, such as manufacturing, retail, health, technology or transport. In addition, the skills acquired in logistics are highly transferable and versatile, which means that professionals can find job opportunities all over the world.

Influencing factors in the supply chain

On the other hand, in recent years, the supply chain has suffered various disruptions on a global scale due to factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the lack of electronic components, the escalation in the price of sea freight and the war in Ukraine. In this context, industry professionals have had to show their strength and resilience.

RFL Cargo, an international logistics operator with a presence on five continents, has not been oblivious to this situation. It has continued to promote its different business areas to be a perfect partner in any logistics operation by land, sea or air. Its team of professionals, always at the forefront and with extensive experience in the sector, works closely with customers according to their needs and particularities.

Working at RFL Cargo

To this end, the company has a team of highly experienced professionals who are motivated and passionate about their work. Their energy and willingness is key to staying at the forefront of an industry in constant transformation. They are able to provide innovative solutions to the most complex logistical challenges.

RFL Cargo also fosters inclusive and collaborative work where every employee feels valued and supported. A working policy that translates into better results, satisfied customers and excellence.

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