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International transport

We manage the international transport of anykind of goods

International transport

We manage the international transport of anykind of goods

Sea freight

Economical, reliable and efficient

Sea transport by 20' or 40' containers is the most common method used for long-distance import and export operations. It is economical, reliable and efficient.

Full container load FCL

When we want to transport a large volume of palletised goods over long distances, the container is undoubtedly the most efficient way of transporting them. It is safe, economical and allows intermodal operations without handling cargo between the points of origin and destination. We have all types of maritime containers adapted to each product or need: 20', 40', reefer, flat rack, open top, bulk, liquids, flexi tanks...

LCL Groupage

Sometimes the customer does not have enough cargo to fill a full container, which would make the final price of transport more expensive. The solution is our maritime groupage service. Through the merchandise consolidation system, we group small loads from different customers into a single container. In this way we can adapt to your needs without increasing the cost of the service.

Project cargo and special transports

Safe transport for perishable goods

Tailor-made Projects

We carry out door-to-door logistics coverage, taking care of everything: permits and customs formalities, transit storage, transport at origin and destination, freight, security inspections...

Special needs containers

We have a wide range of approved containers that adapt to all types of needs: flat rack, open top, open side, bulk carriers, flexi-tank...

Vehicles Transportation

We manage the transport of rolling cargo (cars, trucks, trailers, agricultural machinery...) on Ro-Ro vessels, in which the cargo travels without the need for containers inside the ship's hold.

Air Freight

The fastest and safest transport method

Air freight is one of the fastest methods of international trade in goods. Its special administrative complexity and the physical limitations of aircraft holds require that air shipments are perfectly planned.

Highly qualified staff

Our staff has extensive experience in processing the necessary documentation for international transport. We will guide you from the beginning to simplify every step as much as possible: freight booking, transit, airways Bill, customs documents...

Fast and safe

We select the most suitable type of air cargo container and packaging to ensure that your product arrives at its destination in the best condition.

We get anywhere

We work with the main international air operators and have contact agents in the main air hubs of the world. In this way, air transport allows us to reach practically any part of the planet in record time.

Overland transportation

Where other means cannot reach

The quality of our service is based on the selection of the most suitable suppliers, on a process of on-line tracking of all shipments and on an efficient resolution of incidents.

We work with the main suppliers

We have an extensive portfolio of service providers that allows us to continuously compare the best prices and conditions for each operation.

Wide flexibility and availability

If we don't find what you need in the regular market we offer you a tailor-made product. Our company group has its own fleets of trucks adapted to all types of needs, which allows us to always obtain the most competitive solutions and to reach where the rest of the suppliers are not capable.

We adjust to any volume and destination

We have access to thousands of carriers across Europe to find exactly what you need. We manage your shipments from a single package to multi-container operations, special size transport, fragile or delicate goods...

Rail transport

Fast and environmentally friendly transport

RFL Cargo is part of a leading intermodal transport logistics group with its own railway platforms distributed throughout key points of the Iberian Peninsula.

Environmentally friendly and efficient transport

For those cases where infrastructure allows it, rail is one of the least polluting and efficient means of transport per transported TEU.

Tailor-made Intermodality

We can ship your freight by train, or combine different modes of transport according to your needs. Our staff will design a tailor-made logistics strategy for you, identifying the most suitable method of transport for your goods.

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