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Air RFL Cargo


Air RFL Cargo


The fastest and most efficient way

International transport

Air RFL Cargo

RFL Cargo's air division, Air Cargo, studies and plans the best route for the transport by air of any goods that require it. We study each case and offer a logistics solution adapted to the needs of our customers. We do not believe in standardised logistics. We are a benchmark company in international air transport and we have IATA quality certifications that guarantee that the operations we carry out are characterised by being efficient, secure and fast.

20 years of experience

Our team of professionals has extensive experience, with personnel with more than 22 years of experience in the aeronautical sector. In addition, in our commitment to seek maximum sustainability in shipments, we try to ensure that operations cause the least possible impact on the environment.

Personalised tracking of shipments

For greater security and reliability in the transport of goods, we have a tracking service so that customers who contract our services can know, at all times, where their loads are. Real-time tracking to/from anywhere in the world.

Members of the WCA

RFL Cargo is a member of the World Compliance Association, the most influential networking network for international freight forwarders. With 11,000 members from 196 countries, this organisation is responsible for creating a safe and secure environment for the movement of goods. The highest professionalism all over the world.

Fly with us
to anywhere in the world

Secure transport for your most urgent goods.

RFL Cargo has relationships with the world's leading cargo airlines, enabling it to offer full coverage, both domestically and internationally.

We guarantee fast, safe and efficient logistics solutions that show total professionalism and commitment to our customers. In the current economic climate, having a reliable logistics partner is the best guarantee of achieving excellence.

RFL Cargo al servicio de las industrias

Air RFL Cargo

At the service of priority industries

Regardless of the distance, air transport guarantees total immediacy in deliveries. RFL Cargo is at the service of priority and strategic industries, which, in most cases, use this type of express transport.

· All kinds of e-commerce products.
· Pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.
· Medical devices, blood plasma and medical and surgical instruments.
· Fruit, vegetables and dairy products.
· Art works.

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