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Find articles and news about the logistics sector here


Find articles and news about the logistics sector here

Autonomous vessels: fact or fiction?

The technology needed to develop fully autonomous vessels, known as Maritime Autonomous Suface Ships or MASS, already exists today. Through cameras, radars, advanced processors or other technology, ships are being developed with an intelligent consciousness system. In other words, they can efficiently detect other vessels and floating objects during routes, avoid collisions and navigate safely both at sea and in coastal areas.One of the important [...]

In RFL we are specialists in refrigerated transport

What is a controlled atmosphere?

Controlled atmosphere is a refrigeration technique in which the gas composition is modified in a refrigeration chamber or refrigerated container. In this way a regulation control of the physical variables of the environment (temperature, humidity and air circulation) is carried out.The controlled atmosphere is applied to all types of transport of fruit and vegetable products and is generally characterised by having an atmosphere impoverished in [...]

The new rules on sulphur emissions from ships will enter into force next year.

The global sulphur limit for ships by 2020

The IMO - International Maritime Organisation - has set a global limit for the sulphur content of fuel oil used by all types of ships of 0.50% mass/mass from 1 January 2020. This is a regulation that will apply to all ships, including small ones, according to MARPOL regulations.Currently, the global limit for the sulphur content of ships' fuel oil is 3.50% mass/mass. The new global limit will be 0.50% mass/mass and will apply from next year. In [...]

Omnicanality is on its way to becoming a logistical strategy

Omnicanality as a logistics strategy

Omnicanality is the integration of all existing channels in the market. In this way, interrelated paths are generated so that a client, who initiated a communication through one channel of interaction, can continue it through another. Omnicanality could be summarized in the intention of unifying all the channels in which a company is present and that the client does not appreciate differences. At RFL we are specialists in applying tailor-made [...]

Cybersecurity is an increasingly demanded aspect among companies in the sector.

What is cybersecurity in the logistics sector?

With the increase of digitization in the logistics sector, more and more operations are carried out electronically. Companies connect customers, services and products by land, sea and air, as is the case with RFL, with a broad portfolio of services in international transport, reefer or customs.In this way customers can know where their shipments are, the schedules of their means of transport and even make operations from home. A comfortable and [...]

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