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Find articles and news about the logistics sector here


Find articles and news about the logistics sector here

Global seaborne trade in reefer containers grew by 1.7% in 2019.

Perishables traffic will continue to grow in the current global context

The traffic of refrigerated containers by sea will reach 156 million tons by 2024 according to the reports of some specialized consultants. This forecast represents an average expansion of 3.7% over the next few years. However, this figure contrasts with what is expected for dry freight containers whose growth forecast is currently only 2.2%. In fact, world maritime trade in refrigerated containers recorded a growth of 1.7% in 2019, reaching 130.5 [...]

The transport of refrigerated products requires specific regulations.

ATP in the special transport of perishables

The ATP Code refers to the Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Goods and which special vehicles are used for this purpose. This agreement was signed in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1970 and is a technical-sanitary regulation that specifies all the requirements to be met by special vehicles for the transport of perishable foodstuffs and their corresponding control mechanisms. In addition, it also establishes the maximum temperatures to [...]

RFL is an expert in tailor-made logistics solutions.

Is there perfect packaging in the cold chain?

Every logistics company that works with cold must always study all transport operations to avoid damage to perishable products. Maintaining the cold chain throughout the entire process, from packaging to the consumer, is a priority. In this context, packaging plays a very important role in maintaining an optimal temperature. A premise based on the professionalism that large operators who work with cold have in mind, as is the case of RFL, experts in [...]

Perishable logistics are more standardized.

The CEIV Fresh certificate in perishable logistics

Perishable products are a growing market for air cargo, especially in recent months following the COVID-19 crisis. It is becoming increasingly important to ensure that such short-lived products reach their final destination intact.From IATA (International Air Transport Association) the CEIV Fresh was launched in 2019 to improve the handling and transportation of perishable products. With this certification, carriers are assured that companies are [...]

The use of pallets is very widespread in national and international transport.

The pallet exchange, at risk?

The European pallet arose from the need to standardise its use in order to obtain better use of space. A pallet is around 25 kilograms and can support loads of up to 1,500 (and statically, without moving the pallet, it can reach up to 4,000 kilograms).Nowadays it is unthinkable to transport without the use of pallets because of its numerous advantages (less preparation time, lower loading and unloading costs, increased productivity...). All [...]

The CEIV Pharma guarantees the quality of health shipments.

What is the CEIV Pharma certificate?

Airlines transport more than 52 million metric tons of goods per year, representing more than 35% of world trade by value of goods. In addition, since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, air cargo has been a vital partner in the delivery of medicines, medical equipment (including spare parts and repair components) and, overall, in the maintenance of global supply chains as discussed here. On some occasions, passenger aircraft have been used as cargo [...]

Cold logistics, key in the COVID-19 crisis

Cold logistics in times of coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, logistics has become the great ally to ensure the proper functioning of the supply chain. Thanks to transport, the gears that ensure the correct delivery of essential products - food, pharmaceutical or healthcare - continue to work. In this context, cold logistics and the maintenance of products at controlled temperatures play an equally important role in ensuring that all goods arrive [...]

Ports prepare for a 4.0 economy

What are 4.0 ports?

The so-called fourth industrial revolution, marked by the convergence of digital, physical and biological technologies, or also known as industry 4.0, is a trend that continues to advance relentlessly and will mark, notably, the pace of the planet as a whole at the geopolitical, economic or social level.The logistics sector is no stranger to this trend, and in this sense, the so-called 4.0 Ports are gaining more and more weight, which, with the [...]

The new facilities are located in La Pobla de Vallbona.


RFL Cargo, RFL's integrated logistics operator, has just opened its own warehouse at the Cap de L'Horta Industrial Estate in La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia). The new RFL Cargo headquarters has an area of 5,500 square meters, with a free height of storage of 10 meters, loading docks and access ramps to zero level.For the integrated logistics operator, this new infrastructure is a clear commitment by the company to continue growing and expanding its [...]

The transport of perishable goods faces significant challenges in the coming years.


The refrigerated transport market is very competitive and, in the case of Spain, the profile of the companies that predominate are those dedicated exclusively to the transport - with a high degree of specialization - of this type of goods.In a context where the tasks of transport are increasingly complex, the current cold logistics is facing factors such as: Changes in consumer behavior. The gradual incorporation of autonomous [...]

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