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Find articles and news about the logistics sector here


Find articles and news about the logistics sector here

The new facilities are located in La Pobla de Vallbona.


RFL Cargo, RFL's integrated logistics operator, has just opened its own warehouse at the Cap de L'Horta Industrial Estate in La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia). The new RFL Cargo headquarters has an area of 5,500 square meters, with a free height of storage of 10 meters, loading docks and access ramps to zero level.For the integrated logistics operator, this new infrastructure is a clear commitment by the company to continue growing and expanding its [...]

The transport of perishable goods faces significant challenges in the coming years.


The refrigerated transport market is very competitive and, in the case of Spain, the profile of the companies that predominate are those dedicated exclusively to the transport - with a high degree of specialization - of this type of goods.In a context where the tasks of transport are increasingly complex, the current cold logistics is facing factors such as: Changes in consumer behavior. The gradual incorporation of autonomous [...]

In the refrigeration industry, temperature is essential .

The different types of vehicles in the cold chain

The cold chain in logistics requires a set of transport, handling, storage and distribution procedures to maintain, at all times, the required environmental conditions, as we have once discussed. On the other hand, it is a sector that needs a specific technology that we have also dealt with since, we must not forget that the cold industry represents a business volume of 200 million euros and is made up of more than a hundred companies in Spain.At [...]

The concept of smart port means the use of new technologies.

Smarts ports, present or future?

The concept of smart port involves the use of new technologies to transform public services in port enclaves. Its main objective is to meet the needs of port users with greater efficiency and productivity.The implementation of this type of measures influences all the services and products of port terminals. In addition to facilitating and optimising port management, it also makes it possible to obtain greater performance from the dock as a [...]

There are currently 28 Port Authorities in Spain that manage 46 ports of general interest.

Container continues to dominate world maritime trade

There are currently 28 Port Authorities in Spain that manage 46 ports of general interest. Last year, according to the latest data, exceeded the barrier of 17 million TEUs, a growth close to 8 percent over 2017.Thanks to these numbers Spain managed to position itself as one of the world's great powers in this business, led by Asia, and the second in Europe, only behind Germany.Right now the ports of Valencia (5,183 TEUs), Algeciras (4,773 TEUs) [...]

The use of hydrogen in logistics could increase in the coming years.

The logistics sector is moving towards the use of hydrogen

Hydrogen, the most abundant chemical material in the universe and in the earth's crust, is becoming increasingly important in the logistics sector. The commitment to sustainability and more ethical values with the planet has led many industries to find solutions for the reduction of gases in their operations.Hydrogen, together with electricity and the progressive introduction of natural gas, is an increasingly sustainable source of energy. It does [...]

Trends in the last mile of delivery

The last mile refers to the process of delivering a product or merchandise to the end customer. At a logistical level it is always the most expensive and slowest part of the process.For example, in many rural areas, delivery points along a route may be several kilometers away, and only one or two packages are left at each destination. In cities, however, this is not the case, but the proximity of delivery points is offset by significant delays [...]

The new Incoterms will be in force next year.

Incoterms for 2020

The eighth revision of the Incoterms rules, in other words. the set of rules designed to regulate, in a global manner, the obligations and rights of those involved in international trade, will enter into force on 1 January 2020. In this way, when the parties that have established an international sales contract submit to these terms, both know, independently of their language or place of residence, which are the rules that have to be applied to the [...]

Micrologistics and outsourcing are two trends in the sector.

What is micrologistics?

Micrologistics refers to the search for the maximum optimization of internal logistical processes in a company. In fact, it seeks to have all kinds of data that allow decisions to be made in order to improve internal processes. In fact, work is being done to take advantage of the resources intended to generate greater profitability.Some areas in which micrologistics is traditionally applied are storage, stock control, packaging, shipment [...]

Artificial intelligence is a technology that can help transportation and logistics companies differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Artificial intelligence in logistics

Artificial intelligence gives systems the ability to intelligently make decisions and execute automated operations without human intervention. It is a technology that can help transportation and logistics companies differentiate themselves from their competitors, provide better service, or reduce costs.However, figures indicate that currently 40% of Spanish companies in the sector have no artificial intelligence project at all, compared to 23% of [...]

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