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Find articles and news about the logistics sector here


Find articles and news about the logistics sector here


IMEC, an ambitious project to foster global trade

In an increasingly globalised world, international connectivity projects play a crucial role in the world economy. At the last G20 summit, the leaders of India, the United States, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates agreed to launch the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC). A multi-modal initiative that seeks to link the Indian continent with Europe via the Persian Gulf.IMEC [...]

Main fruit and vegetable fairs

The world’s leading fruit and vegetable fairs: vital trade meetings for the sector

Trade fairs specialised in the fruit and vegetable sector are events that bring together the main players in the industry worldwide, from producers, exporters, importers, distributors and suppliers to public and private organisations involved in the international trade of fresh fruit and vegetables.As an integrated logistics operator, RFL Cargo usually attends these events in order to publicise its specialised offer in the distribution and [...]


The technological revolution and its impact on the workplace

Logistics, the industry behind the efficient movement of goods and services around the world, is undergoing an unprecedented transformation thanks to technological advancement and digitisation. As the sector advances, automation is redefining the employment landscape it experiences. Technology has played a crucial role in the evolution of the supply chain. From the introduction of warehouse management systems to data-driven route optimisation, each [...]

logistics employment

RFL Cargo, a professional and highly efficient human team

The demand for logistics professionals has increased considerably in recent years due to the growth of e-commerce, economic globalisation and the need for efficiency in the supply chain. This profile is on the rise considering that logistics plays a fundamental role in the economy and is an essential cog in any industrial sector. Likewise, more and more companies are looking for logistics experts to optimise their operations, reduce costs or satisfy [...]

Customs reform europe

New customs reform in the European Union: safer and smarter management

The European Commission has presented a proposal for the reform of the Customs Union. It contains comprehensive and ambitious new measures that will change the outlook for customs activity through the advanced use of technology.In this sense, the European Union's strategy aims to lead major changes in trade and transport as it seeks to strengthen the Customs Union, optimise its procedures and reduce costs.The three fundamental pillars of [...]

Incoterms - international trade

Incoterms, the key to correct logistics management in foreign trade

Incoterms, also known as International Commercial Terms, are a set of rules that establish the rights and obligations of buyers and sellers in commercial transactions around the world. These terms define who is responsible for freight, insurance and charges during the carriage of goods. Incoterms have been developed and updated over time to adapt to changes in international trade and are widely used by businesses in the industry.Incoterms are key [...]

Perishable logistics. RFL Cargo and fruit and vegetables trucks

Perishable logistics, a growing export sector

The food industry, an essential economic sector, has outstanding logistics due to its essential nature. The transport, storage and processing of goods are crucial aspects in the day-to-day running of a business with a strong exporting vocation.The perishables division of RFL Cargo, a global forwarding company, is an expert in the transport, maintenance and storage of all types of perishable goods. Thanks to the help of new technologies, this [...]

Tax on non-reusable plastics

The new tax on non-reusable plastics will come into force in 2023.

At RFL Cargo, an expert in customised logistics solutions, we have extensive experience in the international transport of all types of goods. Furthermore, in recent years, in addition to reinforcing our high level of involvement with our clients, we have committed ourselves to applying policies in favour of environmental conservation.The latest example is that we are already working to adapt to the new environmental regulations on plastics that [...]

Customs management, which is necessary for international transport.

Customs management of goods and types of warehouses

Para transportar mercancías fuera del país o gestionar los bienes que llegan a un estado son necesarios unos documentos que acrediten que esas cargas pueden introducirse en el mercado de manera legal y comercializarse sin problemas. Las aduanas son unas oficinas de ámbito público que se ubican en las zonas donde hay tráfico de mercancías como fronteras, aeropuertos o puertos y su función es fiscalizar lo que llega a la región cobrando los aranceles [...]

The best way to transport perishable goods is by air.

Air freight, crucial for some priority industries

In the aftermath of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, global air freight traffic has declined. The European continent has been plunged into a period of economic and political uncertainty and, despite the first signs of relief from the pandemic, and the reinstatement of transport, volumes have failed to pick up. This is why, in many cases, the routes for transporting goods by air are not profitable, but necessary.RFL Cargo is a logistics operator of [...]

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