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Find articles and news about the logistics sector here


Find articles and news about the logistics sector here

Perishable logistics. RFL Cargo and fruit and vegetables trucks

Perishable logistics, a growing export sector

The food industry, an essential economic sector, has outstanding logistics due to its essential nature. The transport, storage and processing of goods are crucial aspects in the day-to-day running of a business with a strong exporting vocation.The perishables division of RFL Cargo, a global forwarding company, is an expert in the transport, maintenance and storage of all types of perishable goods. Thanks to the help of new technologies, this [...]

Tax on non-reusable plastics

The new tax on non-reusable plastics will come into force in 2023.

At RFL Cargo, an expert in customised logistics solutions, we have extensive experience in the international transport of all types of goods. Furthermore, in recent years, in addition to reinforcing our high level of involvement with our clients, we have committed ourselves to applying policies in favour of environmental conservation.The latest example is that we are already working to adapt to the new environmental regulations on plastics that [...]

Customs management, which is necessary for international transport.

Customs management of goods and types of warehouses

Para transportar mercancías fuera del país o gestionar los bienes que llegan a un estado son necesarios unos documentos que acrediten que esas cargas pueden introducirse en el mercado de manera legal y comercializarse sin problemas. Las aduanas son unas oficinas de ámbito público que se ubican en las zonas donde hay tráfico de mercancías como fronteras, aeropuertos o puertos y su función es fiscalizar lo que llega a la región cobrando los aranceles [...]

The best way to transport perishable goods is by air.

Air freight, crucial for some priority industries

In the aftermath of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, global air freight traffic has declined. The European continent has been plunged into a period of economic and political uncertainty and, despite the first signs of relief from the pandemic, and the reinstatement of transport, volumes have failed to pick up. This is why, in many cases, the routes for transporting goods by air are not profitable, but necessary.RFL Cargo is a logistics operator of [...]

The treatment of citrus fruits of goods arriving in the EU.

New rules for citrus fruit treatment in the EU

The European Commission has approved cold treatment for the import of citrus fruit arriving in member countries. With this new requirement, the goods must meet a series of phytosanitary criteria in their treatment to guarantee that the citrus fruit does not have any pests that could affect consumers or the vegetation in the territory. This measure is already being applied in the United States and South Korea.In recent years, countries such as [...]

La balanza comercial española, en el 2021, fue negativa. Es decir, se importó una mayo cantidad de mercancías de las que se exportó.

The trade balance and the logistics sector

A country's trade balance is an indication of the number of imports that have taken place in a region and is compared with the exports of goods to see where a country stands. In other words, it shows whether there have been more imports or more exports.Once all the data have been extracted, there are three possible situations. The first, and most ideal, is a positive balance or what is known as a trade surplus. This means that the country has [...]

RFL Cargo applies the regulations for the import of electronic products

A new import control for electrical and electronic products is expected to be implemented in May and June in order to improve health and environmental protection. RFL Cargo offers a service in which we guarantee compliance with the RAAE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), RPyA (Waste Batteries and Accumulators) and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electronic Equipment) regulations. In addition, as an integral logistics [...]

RFL Cargo, a strong partner for exports to Egypt

ACID regulation for export to Egypt

Last year, Spain's exports to Egypt amounted to 1,447 million euros and imports to 678 million euros. Compared to 2019, the variations were -5% and -23% respectively, mainly due to the effects of COVID-19.Our country is currently the fourth largest supplier, behind Germany, Italy and France, to the African country. The main goods exported in 2020 were machinery and mechanical appliances; automobiles, tractors, electrical appliances and equipment; [...]

RFL Cargo adapts to the new escalation of cost increases.

Refrigerated transport tries to optimise processes to save costs

Electricity accounts for 40% of the costs in the refrigeration industry and its use is required 24 hours a day. Since the new electricity rates came into force in our country, with a considerable price increase that affects both production areas and households, the refrigeration sector has been trying to adapt to the new situation in the best possible way. In some cases it has been possible to adjust processes and procedures to moderate the impact, [...]

The AWB is a document widely used in international air transport.

What is Air Waybill (AWB)?

The Air Waybill (AWB),or air waybill, is the document that must accompany the contract of international air transport in any commercial transaction. It is an official notification that serves to justify the products or goods on board a cargo aircraft.This is the most important notification of an export or import by air and the airline will deliver the goods at destination to the natural or legal person listed as the final consignee on the Air [...]

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