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Air freight: a great logistical ally in the international marketplace

Air freight: a great logistical ally in the international marketplace

Air freight: a great logistical ally in the international marketplace

In a globalised world trade scenario, air freight has emerged as a key pillar, demonstrating a great capacity to adapt and overcome challenges in the supply chain. Its cargo flexibility and route efficiency ensure the continuity of international trade.

The recent situation in the Red Sea, marked by attacks by Houthi rebels on a number of commercial vessels, has led to a surge in demand for air freight service. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reports a 1% increase and a remarkable 5% increase in yields. Technological innovations and logistical strategies have consolidated this service as a vital force in the face of global adversity.

Major benefits and key sectors

Air freight is an unflappable force, defying distances and optimising logistics worldwide. This means of transport brings great advantages such as:

  • Unrivalled speed: the aircraft’s speed stands out as a key advantage, ensuring fast and accurate deliveries.
  • Geographical versatility: its ability to overcome geographical barriers positions it as an adaptable and efficient means of transport.
  • Business efficiency: it maximises efficiency in the logistics processes of various specialised sectors.

The main industries with the highest usage of airfreight services are pharmaceuticals, technology and e-commerce. Its immediacy and en route efficiency are crucial for these areas, where timely delivery of perishable goods, state-of-the-art electronic devices and commercial goods is essential.

Excellence in international transport

RFL Cargo is a leading logistics operator with extensive experience in the transport and storage of goods. In this dynamic scenario, RFL Cargo’s air division, Air RFL Cargo, plans the best route for the transport by air of any goods that require it. They study each case and offer a logistics solution tailored to the customer’s needs.

Furthermore, as a benchmark company in international air transport, they have the IATA quality certification, which guarantees that the operations they carry out are characterised by being efficient, safe and fast.

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