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The new tax on non-reusable plastics will come into force in 2023.

The new tax on non-reusable plastics will come into force in 2023.

The new tax on non-reusable plastics will come into force in 2023.

At RFL Cargo, an expert in customised logistics solutions, we have extensive experience in the international transport of all types of goods. Furthermore, in recent years, in addition to reinforcing our high level of involvement with our clients, we have committed ourselves to applying policies in favour of environmental conservation.

The latest example is that we are already working to adapt to the new environmental regulations on plastics that will come into force on 1 January 2023. The state-wide Law 7/2022 on waste and contaminated land for a circular economy has established a special tax on non-reusable plastic packaging.

A tax applicable to the whole of Spain

The Government has introduced a new tax, applicable throughout Spain, on non-reusable plastic packaging. It will come into force on 1 January 2023 with a charge of 0.45 euros/kg on non-recycled plastic manufactured or imported into Spain, whether it is empty or contains goods. This regulation will affect all boxes, packaging, packaging tapes and films, in short, those plastic products that cannot be reused or recycled.

The aim is to promote the prevention of the generation of non-reusable plastic packaging and to encourage the recycling of this waste, as care for the environment and the conservation of our planet must be the pillars that govern projects for the future, for progress and for social and economic growth.

Reverese logistics

At RFL Cargo we carry out the so-called reverse logistics, whose main characteristic is the company’s commitment to collect waste, packaging and other materials that have been generated not only during the process but also in the post-sale stage, in order to reuse or recycle them.

With reverse logistics we not only make use of materials, we also improve our market positioning and reduce the environmental impact of our services. In addition, a direct feedback link can be formed with consumers and their experience and can sometimes be a competitive advantage.

Socially responsible companies, such as RFL Cargo, are becoming more and more highly regarded and the environmental factor nowadays plays a major role in the customer’s decision-making process.

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