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Air freight, crucial for some priority industries

Air freight, crucial for some priority industries

Air freight, crucial for some priority industries

In the aftermath of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, global air freight traffic has declined. The European continent has been plunged into a period of economic and political uncertainty and, despite the first signs of relief from the pandemic, and the reinstatement of transport, volumes have failed to pick up. This is why, in many cases, the routes for transporting goods by air are not profitable, but necessary.

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Temperature-controlled transport of perishable goods is normally carried out by air because this mode of transport has characteristics that make it the most feasible option. Although it is true that, for deep-frozen products with a long expiry date, transport by sea containers may be chosen, the most common method of transport is by air.

Which perishable goods are transported most frequently by air?

  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. Goods that are characterised by their extreme sensitivity to temperature changes.

  • Medical devices, blood plasma and medical and surgical instruments. Maximum care to ensure that the formulation of products, for example vaccines, is not adulterated. Necessary for the supply of all healthcare facilities.

  • Fruit, vegetables and dairy products. Fresh products that require temperature control to ensure that they can be transported from one country to another and consumed on arrival.

  • Works of art. Pieces that require great care in shipments so that they are not damaged or deteriorated, and also, as they are very valuable, the airfreight method is chosen for security reasons.

There is no doubt that the transport of perishable goods by air is necessary to ensure the smooth running of international trade and an ideal option for perishable goods that require refrigeration. For this reason, adapting operations to market requirements is one of the primary objectives of logistics operators.

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