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The trade balance and the logistics sector

The trade balance and the logistics sector

The trade balance and the logistics sector

A country’s trade balance is an indication of the number of imports that have taken place in a region and is compared with the exports of goods to see where a country stands. In other words, it shows whether there have been more imports or more exports.

Once all the data have been extracted, there are three possible situations. The first, and most ideal, is a positive balance or what is known as a trade surplus. This means that the country has managed to export more goods than it has imported.

If the balance is negative, we would have a trade deficit and, therefore, the situation must be analysed and measures put in place to try to change the trend towards a positive balance.

The last option that can happen in a country’s trade balance is that it is stable or zero. That is, the same amount of goods have been exported as have been imported. This scenario indicates that a stable outlook is maintained.

Spanish trade balance

In the year 2021, the trade balance in Spain is in deficit, in other words, more goods have been imported than have been exported to other countries in the world. Specifically, it is 30,109.2 million euros.

Strategic role of the logistics sector

In order to improve the trade balance and to be able to adapt to the needs of the market, both in terms of booms and recessions, a series of structural changes must be made in the logistics sector in order to be able to compete and offer an optimal logistics offer. For this reason, logistics plays a strategic role.

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