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Perishable logistics, a growing export sector

Perishable logistics, a growing export sector

Perishable logistics, a growing export sector

The food industry, an essential economic sector, has outstanding logistics due to its essential nature. The transport, storage and processing of goods are crucial aspects in the day-to-day running of a business with a strong exporting vocation.

The perishables division of RFL Cargo, a global forwarding company, is an expert in the transport, maintenance and storage of all types of perishable goods. Thanks to the help of new technologies, this division ensures the traceability of goods at all times.

In this context, the cold logistics sector is more topical than ever due to the celebration of the Fruit Logística trade fair in Berlin. This is the world’s largest showcase for perishable products and is an event that brings together the main players in the sector. A perfect event for all parts of the supply chain to meet and exchange ideas, providing numerous opportunities for business and networking.

Agri-food exports and imports in 2022

In terms of exports, products such as fruit, vegetables and pulses continue to be the most exported products with a turnover of 17,578.3 million euros this year.

As for imports of perishable products, the categories that stand out and rebound in this last financial year are: fishery products (7,414.5 million, +26.5%); fruit, vegetables and pulses (5,992.9 million, +21.0%) and oils and fats (4,851.9 million, +49.8%).

The Spanish agri-food exports trade balance has registered a growth in value of +22.9 % in August 2022, and between January and August accumulated the amount of 42,623 M€, +14.2 % higher than in the same period last year. However, imports have expanded by a greater magnitude (+34.2 %) in the accumulated year, placing the agri-food trade balance with a surplus of 9,704 M€, with a contraction of -24.2 % year-on-year.

Logistics of perishables by land, sea and air

As an international freight forwarder and integrated logistics operator, RFL Cargo handles the entire transport process of perishable goods and offers various logistics solutions tailored to the needs of this type of goods:

  • Sea transport in reefer containers: guarantees the maintenance of the cold chain throughout the transport process.
  • Refrigerated warehouses: Treatments aimed at protecting food safety in perishable goods, as well as extending their shelf life (cold treatment, controlled atmosphere, etc.).
  • Refrigerated road transport: coordination of door-to-door logistics and appropriate facilities for cold logistics and supply networks.
  • Air transport of perishables: logistics solutions to maintain the cold chain such as envirotainers, acu temp, dry ice, gel packs or insulated packaging.

RFL Cargo is a key logistics partner to guarantee quality and efficiency in the transport of temperature controlled goods, ensuring absolute traceability in the maintenance of the cold chain.

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